April Around our Farm ~ Spring Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Oklahoma Crab Apple Tree Blooms

We have had continuous blooms around the yard with the many blooming trees and shrubs. This year is a blessing with so much extra rain, the plants are soaking it up.

Pink Flowering Almond Bush Blooms

The pink flowering almond bush is always so pretty with delicate flowers and the little transplants are blooming as well!! They have been transplanted for a couple of years now, but barely survived due to extreme temperatures and drought, even with supplemental watering.

Oklahoma Flowering Crab Apple Tree

Our Oklahoma crab apple tree is very showy this year, so beautiful, just covered with blooms, and the hundreds of tiny bees that buzz around gathering nectar.

Oklahoma Flowering Crabapple Tree

We have lost several small but nice trees over the past few years, a cherry tree, a prairie fire crab apple and the peach tree is not in good shape. I have several young transplants from the peach tree that I had started that seem to be doing well.

Cattle grazing on our grass

We have the cows back grazing on our land, they are so peaceful. I love the little calves, they will jump and play just like little kids. They do such a good job keeping the grass down, they give us free fertilizer which is excellent for the tomatoes, and vermiculture. They also eat the poison ivy off the trees which is a huge problem around here.

Male Goldfinch eating on the feeder

The goldfinches have been hanging around all winter and the males are turning a bright yellow for their spring and summer color. The females will stay an olive green all year. Gold finches love sunflowers, and I always plant extras for them.

Woodpecker on Suet

The small woodpeckers loves eating my homemade suet. We have hung some extra suet feeders out on the pergola, near their nesting areas.

Cardinals on birdfeeder

We have many pairs of cardinals this year, the females are harder to spot, they are so much darker in color than the pretty bright males. Their favorite nesting spot here is in the thorny bitter orange tree very close to our house. I can watch them feed their babies from our window. The thorns does not bother the birds and it helps protect them from predators.

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