Spring and Summer Flowers – Container Gardening

Summer Annuals

It is already time for re-potting and planting those summer plants!! This is my favorite time of year. Vegetable gardening is very close behind. It is a yearly event, searching out those plants that will perform best in our climate, and bring benefits to God’s creatures, birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, even tree frogs!!

Yellow and Pink Snapdragons

I am always researching and I pick plants that are the most benefit to nature. I have many more established plants already in our butterfly and hummingbird gardens, these plants are all going into containers for the decks.

Petunia Wave Flowers

I picked up several wave petunias, they are a hummingbird attractor and do well in our summer heat. This year has been much more of a blessing and joy as we have had so much needed rain, our drought is almost ended. The temps have been moderate, with a few cold dips. We are expecting another cold snap this coming week, and that means covering plants already planted and bringing in the many plants still in flats.

Orange and yellow snapdragons

These are some orange snapdragons I picked up at our OSU Horticulture Center, during a plant sale. They have very healthy and reasonably priced plants, many grown by students. In the background are annual red salvia, a fav of hummingbirds.


Hummingbirds here love our petunias, so I always include those in hanging baskets. Red colors will always be the draw for hummers but I enjoy other colors as well!!

Purple Wave Petunias

This is an unusual purple wave petunia purchased from the plant sale at OSU. Pink Dianthus is in the background.

Red Velvet Snapdragons

Bright red velvet blooms of the snapdragon are always a treat, and many of my snapdragons overwintered on our deck with no coverings, they are tough!!

Annuals in Flats

The first day I set out plants, I had delicate yellow butterflies sitting on the flowers, so the butterflies are already fluttering about. I try to purchase host as well as nectar plants for various butterflies of our area to give them a complete experience. I have a lot of work ahead of me getting these plants all in their pots and I will try to post pictures later in the season as the plants are established.

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