About Us

My husband and I live on a small farm where we garden, grow herbs, flowers and tend to about 40 laying hens, roosters, guineas, all our pets and a few cows.

Our great love for animals has resulted in sharing our home with many rescued dogs and cats over the years. I enjoy creating new pet products for our dogs and cats and making natural pet snacks.

There have been many days of bottle feeding rescued kittens, puppies.

 And even a couple of calves!!

It is hard work but I love country living, being close to nature and always striving to live a meaningful and frugal life.

There is comfort and peace in simplicity and working with your hands. I am big on do it yourself projects and saving money!!I

I also enjoy photography which comes in handy when taking pictures of projects and products I make!! I love reading, cooking and baking, cake decorating, and working with herbs. I make many of my own cleaning supplies, and laundry detergents.


I love gardening for butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife. 

My creativity keeps me moving all the time usually in many different directions!!

I make and sell soy candles, natural bath & beauty products, heat and cool wraps, grubby silicone dipped bulbs, and magnetic jewelry and earrings, wool dryer balls, and more! We set up locally a few days a month to sell at a local Veterans Hospital. I also have a website and sell on Etsy. My greatest passion is in the creation of products, and the enjoyment people get from using them. It is a blessing to be able to sell my items.

Over the years I have researched and experimented with many natural products and the health benefits of using them. I began making bath products for our family but after requests from others began making extra to sell. In addition to natural soap I also make lotion, body cream, scrubs, lip balm, linen spray and bath salts.

I have loved creating and crafting as long as I can remember. I was using a sewing machine by the age of 6. I made my own patterns and sewed doll clothes and quilts for my dolls!! I still sew many of my own clothes. I soon took up knitting, cross stitch and lap weaving. Later, hand embroidery, crocheting, doll making, beading and creating miniatures. I have dabbled in woodworking and gourds among other crafts. My mother is a great seamstress, and my father is a fabulous carpenter and mechanic, so I have been fortunate to have such a great influence and teachers.