May Early Summer Flowers

Pink Bee Balm Flower

This is a new variety of Pink Monarda, aka Bee Balm I purchased this year. We have been getting more rain this spring with is wonderful for the plants, shrubs, gardens and to end the drought.  The red roses that were transplanted a couple of years ago from a dear friend are really taking off and blooming well.

Deep Red Roses

It has been cooler than usual, and this is good to get the plants established before the heat of summer hits. I always plant annual red saliva as it is a hummingbird favorite. Petunias have also proven to be popular among the bees and hummingbirds. Red colors are a natural draw for hummingbirds.

Red Annual Salvia, Petunias

Pentas are also known as star flowers. They are a wonderful flower to have for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. They perform well all summer in the heat and do well in containers or in flower beds. They are an annual here in Oklahoma in Zone 7. The Crossvine in the background has been covered in blooms this spring.

Penta's with Crossvine

I try to have most flowers and veggie plants in the ground by the end of April, but with late freezes, I had to cover plants a few times, and haul more back indoors. These annual snapdragons did well outside on our deck all winter and have flowered beautifully all spring. That is a new moonflower plant on the left.

Volunteer Snapdragons

These yellow snapdragons were so cheery I had to add them in this year.

Yellow Snapdragon

This is a new orange flowering tropical hibiscus. I have it in a large container as they have to be brought in every winter.

Orange Hibiscus in Pot

I love the multi colored flower blooms, they add interest. This is a ruffled petunia.

Pink and white Ruffled Petunia

Pink Angelonia is a new plant for me this year. I like the look and they are supposed to perform well in our heat. To the left is a yellow cuphea aka cigar plant.


The gaura is always a favorite for me. It is a good butterfly plant and I love the exotic looking blooms. It holds up well all summer. I plant these in our butterfly garden since they are a perennial.


There are so many wonderful plants to choose from, it can be difficult deciding, but if it is a favorite of butterflies, birds, bees and a hardy or proven plant for our area, then I will certainly find a spot for it in our garden.

Flowers are Blooming again with cooler weather

The flowers are much happier now that temps have cooled during the day and at night. It has been another tough summer for the plants with many days of highs over 100 degrees  and very little rain. The moss roses are growing in a deck planter and they do well even in the heat.

Our Siamese cat Champ enjoying being outside. I have cat nip plants nearby in planters and growing on the ground. He enjoys rolling on those. The pink and orange flowers are snapdragons that overwintered outside last year.

Our dwarf crepe myrtle is blooming very well this year. It is in partial shade. This variety grows to about 4′ tall. We have many other full size one’s around our place. They are late summer bloomers so they always put on a show this time of year.

Our native passion flower vines are always interesting and do well. They are a host for Fritillary butterflies.

This is a Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar on a passion flower. I took this picture a few years ago. Adult butterflies lay their eggs on the plant and the caterpillars eat the leaves until they are old enough to form a chrysalis.

After a few weeks, they will hatch into beautiful butterflies. The chewed leaves on the passion vine quickly regrow. The fruit of the vine is also wildlife food.

This moon flower plant has been blooming very well. Such interesting large blooms, and it is a night bloomer. It blooms overnight and closes mid morning which is why it is called a Moon Flower. Moon Flowers are annuals in cold climates but re seed well.

This is my first year to have a blue plumbago and we have it growing in a container on the deck. It has done well.

This is a few of all the plants that we grow. I have flower beds with butterfly and hummingbird plants also.