Easy to Make Vegetable Garden Trellis

This is an easy and effective way to grow your climbing plants, like cucumber, squash, pumpkins, gourds. We recycled a pop up clothes line and looped some farm fence around the bottom to give them something to climb up when they were just starting out.

We planted our cucumber seeds with a good helping of compost from recycled kitchen scraps, cattle and chicken manure and our worm castings from the worm bins.

The wires on the clothes line allow the vines to go across and the fruit hangs down which is easier to pick, and it keeps it off the ground.

We move the clothes line every season to mow and till. We use post hole diggers to dig a hole about a foot deep for the pole. If you don’t have extra farm fence or netting you can pound 4 small metal poles, one on each corner. We have used hot wire poles and rebar. Then use string or twine and tie from pole to clothesline on each corner to make a solid line for the plants to grow up. We added more poles and twine throughout the year when any plants were growing without support so they could reach the top of the clothesline.

The bees like our cucumbers too!!