Early Spring Flowers

Finally, the beautiful flowers of spring are blooming. It seemed like such a long, cold winter and then suddenly, a few warm days and all are in bloom.

Red Flowering Quince

This is a few of the hundreds of daffodils that faithfully come up and bloom year after year. I started with a couple of small bulbs in the early 1990’s, and today there are many more than I can count. Every few years when there are less blooms, they need to be dug and divided. This is a good time to share some with friends and start new areas. I planted most of mine within flower beds, these bloom early in spring and when they die back, other plants come up to hide the yellowing foliage. You should wait a few weeks to cut or mow over them, wait until the foliage is brown. They use the nutrients from their green foliage which is stored in their bulbs for next years flowers. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe forsythia bushes are beginning their blooms. They are always a bright, cheery reminder of spring.  ForsythiaOur flowering quince bushes have been very hearty and bloom beautifully with almost no extra care. The branches are thorny, so plant in areas as a deterrent. In the city, I would plant them under windows to keep burglars and peeping toms away. Flowering QuinceThe flowers are gorgeous. We have bushes in that bloom in peach, red, pink, and white. They produce a small apple like fruit that is about 3″ long. Great for birds, wildlife, and you may pick the berries to make jellies. Our red flowering quince in bloom.Flowering Quince BloomsThe wild sand plum trees growing along our nature paths. The sand plum blooms are very pretty, and the fruit is great for wildlife like birds, making jellies, jams and even salsa!! We have eaten them right off the bush.Native Sand Plum Trees The sand plum is a small native tree here in Oklahoma, are very tough and require no extra care. Sand Plum Blooms